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Royal Tailor – Black & White I love this band’s music.  This is their first beg release.  I hope there are many more to come.

Britt Nicole – The Lost Get Found When I first heard Britt I fell head over heels in love with her music.

Deitrick Haddon – Church On The Moon Now this is a trip.  Get inspired, motivated and meet one very sexy sounding vehicle.

Gateway Next – Look Up Who says you have to be a grownup to lead worship. These kids do a bang up job and the songs are cool too.

Well that’s a start.  I hope you enjoy listening.

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I guess y’all have wondered what happened to me.

Well since my last post, I came down with a bad case of Cellulitis.  My left leg was nice and red and swollen and I could not wear long pants because anything that touched my leg made me want to cry.

Next i completely forgot the zine.  Sorry Don and Lisa.  I have no excuse beyond general forgetfulness.

There was other stuff but i really don’t want to go there.

Let’s just say that the last weeks were rough and I am glad they are over.  Now to get my butt in gear and get back to work.



This week I decided to try my hand at creative writing.  Like many of you, I often find myself staring at the screen hoping some inspiration will jump out, slap me and viola, genius will pour forth.  Most times the only thing that pours is cola and water  So I went hunting and found a bit of help and inspiration.

Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writing Prompts.

Go to the link and subscribe.  Each week she will send out a list of prompts for you to choose from.  Then on Thursday, you post your submission to your own blog, go to the prompts page and add a link to your article.

Now not only do you get to share your writing, but you can read what others write and hopefully a few of them will read yours as well.

So here’s to writing.  May you be inspired.



This happened quite a number of years ago. I was probably in my early 20’s.

I was the only guy going on a trip to Precept Ministries for a conference. Most of the people going were friends from church, but there were a few ladies going that I had not met. As we pulled into a parking lot at another church to pick up a couple more ladies, the driver asked me if I knew a certain Dr, (redacted).

Why I opened my mouth I will never know. But I did and boy did I ever. Without a hesitation, I began to let everyone know exactly what I thought of him. i told them he was mean, rude, obnoxious, had no bed side manner, and was always telling me to shut up, never listened to what was bothering me. He once left me in a examination room for 3 hours because he forgot I was there and went to the hospital to do rounds. He told me when I complained of stomach trouble that it was because my mom was crazy and I would never get better until she died or I moved out on my own.

I went on and on, and never noticed that some of the ladies were staring at me like I had grown a second head. Finally I stopped for breath and the driver said that the reason she asked was to find out if I knew his wife, who happened to now be sitting in the passenger seat just in front of me.

I was about ready to ask then to take me back home, because the idea of being around his wife for several days was more than I thought I could handle. Then she cleared her throat and looked at me. Smiling she said the last thing I expected. “You know, that sounds just like him” and she laughed.

I did go on the trip and had an awesome time, but I hope I never do anything that dumb again.

James 3:8
But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison.


Mama’s Losin’ It

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OffLiberty lets you take online content off line to enjoy later. Great if your online time is limited.

Deappetizer is not for the weak of stomach. Supress your appetite by viewing photos of odd and gross food.

Eat Differently lets you track not just what, but how you eat. Start a healthy habit and learn to eat differently.

A Game A Day is exactly what it sounds like. A site that gives you a game each day in one of two levels to challenge your self.

Films to lets you specify if you want to laugh, cry, think or clap and them find shorts that meet your needs,

Noughts and Crosses Extreme is not your parents tic tac toe, but a new version with a growing board. Very fun.

Ringtones from Youtube videos.

Send a message that “blows up” after it is read.

Unsubscriber scans your email, gives you a list of any subscribed emails and lets you un subscribe all of them in one place.

What exactly is that song about? Find out here.

Which Doc lets you recommend a doctor and get suggestions and recommendations from your friends and social circles.

Men, become the perfect gentleman, with custom reminders about all the stuff your lady friend wants you to remember. PS a version for the ladies is in the works.

Shapecatcher is there when you are looking for a simple image or symbol but can’t remember what it’s called. Now just draw it and find out.

Did a date go wrong? Find out what happened by going to You find out what happened and learn how to avoid doing it again.

Fake text and siri messages are all the rage in jokes. Now make your own.
Siri messages
Cell phone text

Privacy Score checks sites and lets you know how well they handle and protect your private info.

When you have just had a baby, no one wants to go through the process of telling everyone that the little one is here. Let Baby Notify do it for you.

PDFTools lets you perform various tasks with pdf files without having to install more software.

Check back next month for more links and don’t forget to subscribe the the eZine and give Don and Lisa some love and a few of your favorite sites. Who knows you might get a mention in a future issue.


The Week That Was…Not Good

This last week was not good.  To start the week off, I woke up with a massive cold. Saying wake up wax an overstatement as I more or less slept through the first few days just being miserable.  Normally colds come fast and leave fast.  Not this one. It’s a week later and i still feel like a zombie some times.

I mean, I wouldn’t mind going to bed earlier, except I don’t get up earlier.  And the whole sleeping 10 or more hours gets old.

However, I am mostly back to normal (for me) and now I need to get ready for church.

Hopefully I will get back into the groove.



To be honest, I usually forget I even have a webcam.  it was a gift from a friend and I used it on and off for awhile and then mostly stopped.  Now I use it to talk to my god-niece.  However I found this app for Chrome that led me to the Webcam Toy.  Not sure if this site has a practical use, but it sure was fun to play with.  And now i have a bunch of pictures of me that look just plain awesomely weird.

Here’s a few for your enjoyment.



A few days ago I answered a question about what makes me cry.  This got me thinking and I remembered this song.  The first time I heard it I cried like I had not cried in ages.

This is such a lovely song.

Question. What would you do to help someone you love face a fear?

Just curious.



Light Rain

Moe than I want to admit sometimes. If it rains for any length of time, I get very mellow and sleepy. Rain is napping weather. I even use a recording of a thunderstorm to help me sleep.

It may sound odd, but I can “smell” rain. I don’t think it is so much an odor as being sensitive to the changes in the ionization of the air. I breathe better and easier when the level is higher and it goes up when it is gonna rain. Even odder is that rain can have two “smells”. A good rain smells clean and sharp, while sometimes it smells off.and kinda muggy.

For some reason, snow is pretty for about a day, then it swiftly becomes depressing. When it snows I know that I won’t see anyone for awhile and I get lonely.

Sunny weather does’t really effect me one way or the other. Living in in the south, it gets really humid so I just stay inside as much as possible to avoid the icky feelings that the humidity causes.

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What Makes Me Cry

Sad movies. Happy endings. Anything with cute animals. Feeling left out. Being lonely. Certain songs. Pictures of my mom and dad. People living ways that they don’t have to and doing things that hurt them and others. Actually a lot of things make me cry.

I have this thing I call a “Rainy Season”. I got it from a song by the same title. In the song the singer talks about how sometimes you just need to cry for no reason. It just bubbles up and then passes. I do this maybe once every 3 to 4 months. It last about 2 to 3 days. During the rainy season, I cry on and off, with no reason. It seems crazy but when it is over I feel great and much happier.

Probaby the oddest thing that make me cry is the movie “Snoopy Come Home”. I’ve tried ever since I was a kid to watch it and always get so upset that I have to stop. When I was a kid I would nearly hyperventilate crying so hard. I haven’t tried in years and probably won’t try again.

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