Screen Shot of Classic boardENTANGLEMENT

Entanglement – by Gopherwood Studios.

Found this game about a month ago and have played it daily since.  I even sprung for the couple bucks for a premium account to get the extra boards.

The idea is elegantly simple and complex.  When you start you are met by  serene setting and oriental style music.  The board for the main game is a series of 6 sided shapes with a series of lines crossing them in different patterns.  You rotate the shapes to connect and create lines from the middle around the board.  You keep going until you hit the edge or the center tile.  Along the way you create longer and trickier lines.  You can increase the fun by playing against up to 5 opponents in hot seat.

The additional board consist of:

  • Sakura Grove – an unlimited board with limited tiles. You gain extra points for passing through the middle time and extra tiles by passing through the trees around the board.
  • Hanna Blossom – similar to the classic board but much bigger and a trickier shape.
  • Lotus Leaf – a small board that starts in the corner instead of the center.
  • There is also a daily challenge which takes one of the boards and sets a goal to beat.

The only downside is there is no online multiplayer option.

So go get Entangled and you’ll never have more fun making something a tangle.