Watch Series.

If you are like me, some days there is nothing on worth watching.  And then other days you can’t fit everything you want to watch in.  Watch Series solves both problems.

Miss an episode of your shows?  Want to catch up with a show that you just found?  Check the Watch Series and you will probably find links for every season and every episode.

Don’t have time to watch each show you want.  Too many shows you want to see coming on at the same time?  Or is there just nothing on and you are looking for something different?  Watch Series has it.

Personal Recommendation

Junior Master Chef Australia – kids 8 to 12 compete to become the next great chef.  These are no cookies and cupcake bakers, but kids who can out-cook most of the adults on the grownup version.  Watch and be amazed.  Watch with your kids and maybe instead of hating veggies, they will be inspired to cook them and eat them.