Light Rain

Moe than I want to admit sometimes. If it rains for any length of time, I get very mellow and sleepy. Rain is napping weather. I even use a recording of a thunderstorm to help me sleep.

It may sound odd, but I can “smell” rain. I don’t think it is so much an odor as being sensitive to the changes in the ionization of the air. I breathe better and easier when the level is higher and it goes up when it is gonna rain. Even odder is that rain can have two “smells”. A good rain smells clean and sharp, while sometimes it smells off.and kinda muggy.

For some reason, snow is pretty for about a day, then it swiftly becomes depressing. When it snows I know that I won’t see anyone for awhile and I get lonely.

Sunny weather does’t really effect me one way or the other. Living in in the south, it gets really humid so I just stay inside as much as possible to avoid the icky feelings that the humidity causes.

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