This happened quite a number of years ago. I was probably in my early 20’s.

I was the only guy going on a trip to Precept Ministries for a conference. Most of the people going were friends from church, but there were a few ladies going that I had not met. As we pulled into a parking lot at another church to pick up a couple more ladies, the driver asked me if I knew a certain Dr, (redacted).

Why I opened my mouth I will never know. But I did and boy did I ever. Without a hesitation, I began to let everyone know exactly what I thought of him. i told them he was mean, rude, obnoxious, had no bed side manner, and was always telling me to shut up, never listened to what was bothering me. He once left me in a examination room for 3 hours because he forgot I was there and went to the hospital to do rounds. He told me when I complained of stomach trouble that it was because my mom was crazy and I would never get better until she died or I moved out on my own.

I went on and on, and never noticed that some of the ladies were staring at me like I had grown a second head. Finally I stopped for breath and the driver said that the reason she asked was to find out if I knew his wife, who happened to now be sitting in the passenger seat just in front of me.

I was about ready to ask then to take me back home, because the idea of being around his wife for several days was more than I thought I could handle. Then she cleared her throat and looked at me. Smiling she said the last thing I expected. “You know, that sounds just like him” and she laughed.

I did go on the trip and had an awesome time, but I hope I never do anything that dumb again.

James 3:8
But no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison.


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