A few days ago I answered a question about what makes me cry.  This got me thinking and I remembered this song.  The first time I heard it I cried like I had not cried in ages.

This is such a lovely song.

Question. What would you do to help someone you love face a fear?

Just curious.




Light Rain

Moe than I want to admit sometimes. If it rains for any length of time, I get very mellow and sleepy. Rain is napping weather. I even use a recording of a thunderstorm to help me sleep.

It may sound odd, but I can “smell” rain. I don’t think it is so much an odor as being sensitive to the changes in the ionization of the air. I breathe better and easier when the level is higher and it goes up when it is gonna rain. Even odder is that rain can have two “smells”. A good rain smells clean and sharp, while sometimes it smells off.and kinda muggy.

For some reason, snow is pretty for about a day, then it swiftly becomes depressing. When it snows I know that I won’t see anyone for awhile and I get lonely.

Sunny weather does’t really effect me one way or the other. Living in in the south, it gets really humid so I just stay inside as much as possible to avoid the icky feelings that the humidity causes.

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What Makes Me Cry

Sad movies. Happy endings. Anything with cute animals. Feeling left out. Being lonely. Certain songs. Pictures of my mom and dad. People living ways that they don’t have to and doing things that hurt them and others. Actually a lot of things make me cry.

I have this thing I call a “Rainy Season”. I got it from a song by the same title. In the song the singer talks about how sometimes you just need to cry for no reason. It just bubbles up and then passes. I do this maybe once every 3 to 4 months. It last about 2 to 3 days. During the rainy season, I cry on and off, with no reason. It seems crazy but when it is over I feel great and much happier.

Probaby the oddest thing that make me cry is the movie “Snoopy Come Home”. I’ve tried ever since I was a kid to watch it and always get so upset that I have to stop. When I was a kid I would nearly hyperventilate crying so hard. I haven’t tried in years and probably won’t try again.

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